Our grandfather William built Home Town Real Estate from the ground up back in 1939. Unmatched business ethics and a passion to help find his clients the perfect home is still what drives this home grown family business.

Three generations of Donaldsons are now helping shape Home Town Real Estate into a company ready for the next 75 years. Ready to change with the growing complexities of home selling and buying. Ready to continue to be the premier real estate company in Burbank, Ca.

Our client list is the who's who in the entertainment industry but equally important is our long list of satisfied clients that don't own the mansions and multiple housing. Everyone is treated as if your transaction is the most important transaction yet.....and quite frankly, it is.


Why sell or buy from Home Town Real Estate?

We know Burbank. We were born and raised here.  We keep a constant eye on the changing neighbourhoods and communities.

Over 75 years in business inside Burbank

Complete service from start to finish

Personalized service. One agent handles everything.

We create a stress-free project each and every time.


We know that you have a lot of options when choosing your real estate agent. But we are confident that when you chose Home Town you will want to use us every time you move! After all, who can take better care of your Burbank purchase or sale then Real Estate Agents that know the area.

We utilize local lenders, escrow and title companies that have relationships with us going back decades. This ensures you will get the same level of attention from them as you will your Home Town agent.


Keeping it simple

Selling or purchasing a home now-a-days has become incredibly complex and can be very overwhelming. We take all of that complexity out of the picture for you so you can focus on the other important aspects of your move.

One agent handles all of your transactions

Weekly or even daily updates to ensure you are always in the loop

Local relationships with lenders, mortgage and title companies.

Family owned business


Contact Us

Please drop us a note or call us so we can talk about your upcoming sale or purchase. We are certain that you will be glad you did!